Trust No.1 信任第一.tt6990224[BD-MKV/1.94GB][英语中字][1080P]

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Trust No 1 (2019)

 Trust No 1 导演: Daron Niemerow

编剧: Douglas Rouillard

主演: Douglas Rouillard / Britton Purvis / Charles Justo / Ryan Rouillard / Michele Gomez / 更多...

类型: 动作

制片国家/地区: 美国

上映日期: 2019-04-05(美国)

片长: 90分钟

IMDb链接: tt6990224

Trust No 1的剧情简介 · · · · · ·

  Dec 31st, 1999 and the year 2000 approaching, the worlds security systems were on the brink of total collapse. Known as the Y2K scare, the United States Government took precautions by backing up top secret files on two drives. From U.S. Treasury Records to military plans, these drives were to be guarded by the CIA, NSA as well as the President. The loss of either of these files could be devastating to United States National Security. Ten years later, a small town cop, played by: (Douglas Rouillard) investigates a series of murders he believes to be part of a serial killing and quickly learns it's much bigger. One of the drives went missing. The question is, Who took it and why? With the body count rising, and nothing adding up, he turns to his last resort for help, his brother.


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